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Unilift KP Manual


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Grundfos Submersible Unilift KP

The Grundfos Unilift KP Submersible Pumps are suited for permanent installations or portability. A single-stage pumps with semi-open impeller, they are designed for grey waste water with particle sizes up to 10mm. Easy to maintain, the removal suction strainer prevents larger particles from entering. Stainless steel sleeve and body for cool operation, the unilift KP is light-weight and portable. The Unilift KP is available in Manual, Automatic and Niro models. Niro models are supplied with automatic vertical level switch and non-return valve.    

Features and Applications: 

- Domestic Wastewater
- Robust - Its stainless steel surface equals a durable and corrosion free model
- Wet Run - Canned Rotor, sealing the rotor from the stator
- Options with or without float switch for automatic or manual operation
- Thermal overload protection - protects motor from overheating
- Auto Restart - due to thermal overload, once cooled pump will automatically restart
- Optional Backflow Prevention - non-return flap valve available
- 2 Year Warranty

 Grundfos Submersible Unilift KP - Product Specification






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