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Hunter Wireless Rain Clik Sensor (Left)

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Compatible with all Hunter AC powered controllers. Stops irrigation systems as soon as rain is detected. 
 5 year product warranty, 10 year battery warranty.

 Hunter Solar Sync Sensor (Right)

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Calculates evapotranspiration, measures sunlight and temperature in real-time to determine the daily irrigation needs. The Hunter SolarSync Sensor reports any environmental changes, including rain and freezing temperatures to the irrigation controller on a regular basis. Compatible with ACC, X-Core, PCC and I-Core controllers.
5 year product warranty, 10 year battery warranty.

Wireless Rain Clik Sensor

Irritrol Wired Rain Sensor (Below)

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The Irritrol® RainSensor™ conserves water by preventing irrigation during or after sufficient rainfall. With its compact design and host of convenient features, the RainSensor is the perfect complement to any standard controller.


Solar Sync Sensor

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Hunter Solar Sync Sensor

$124.48 + GST

1b. Hunter Wireless Solar Sync

$279.64 + GST

2a. Hunter Wireless Rain Clik Sensor

$113.10 + GST

Irritrol Wired Rain Sensor (suitable for most 24VAC controllers)

$40.02 + GST