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Hunter ACC Controller

The Hunter ACC controller is a 12 station controller that is expandable to 42 stations, this is a high end controller that has the Hunter Solar Sync weather sensor system already included. The Hunter ACC features the ability to have 6 independent programs and 10 start times per program as well as being contained within a premium stainless steel shell.

The Hunter ACC Decoder Controller includes all of the above features as well as decoder operations. The Hunter ACC Decoder Controller includes Surge Suppression, 6 total wire paths, a range of decoder station sizes: 1, 2, 4, 6 and two way communications. There is a recommended distance of 45 m between the decoder and the solenoid. This controller is also compatible with the ICD-HP wireless handheld programmer

Hunter ACC - Product Specification

Hunter ACC Decoder - Product Specification

User Manual

Decoder Design Guide

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Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Hunter ACC 12 Station Controller (expandable to 42 stations)

$1,192.44 + GST

1b. Hunter ACC 6 Station Expansion Module

$354.66 + GST

2a. Hunter ACC Decoder Controller (expandable 99 stations)

$2,051.02 + GST

2b. Hunter ACC 1 Station Decoder

$110.62 + GST

2c. Hunter ACC 2 Station Decoder

$207.88 + GST

2d. Hunter ACC 4 Station Decoder

$245.54 + GST

2e. Hunter ACC 6 Station Decoder

$424.80 + GST