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Hunter BTT (Bluetooth Tap Timer)

Automatically irrigate gardens, plants and flowers from a hose faucet.

The Hunter BTT provides efficient light irrigation to even the smallest landscapes. The Hunter BTT is easy to operate and simple to set up while designed for use with a hose faucet. It gives users convenient options to remotely program irrigation from their smartphones and avoid climbing around shrubs or stepping on delicate plants to operate. The Hunter BTT includes long-lasting batteries and uses a mobile iOS® or Android™ app with two irrigation modes and two start times each to program watering schedules. The built-in, push-button manual start allows up to one hour of manual irrigation with automatic shutoff, without the need for a smartphone.

2 year warranty

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Hunter BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer - Battery Operated

$95.00 + GST


• Bluetooth-enabled programming for easy wireless smartphone control
• Manage unlimited number of devices
• Multi-language mobile app
• Independent Timer and Cycling modes
• 6 and 24 hour run times
• 7-Day Rain Delay period
• Manual push-button operation
• Automatic water shutoff after 1 hour of manual run time
• Red LED low-battery indicator
• Secure passcode protection on App
• Includes quick coupler adapter
• Includes AA alkaline batteries