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Hunter PRO-HC Hydrawise

The Hunter Pro-HC with HydrawiseTM Web-based software is a professional-grade Wi-Fi Controller to suit your residential needs. Access your irrigation controller worldwide using your smart device or web browser on Hydrawise cloud software. With predictive watering which adjusts based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity your Pro-HC Hydrawise will provide maximum water savings. The professional grade Hydrawise software enables the homeowner and contractor alike to do in-depth water management, monitor piping and electrical systems. Smart WaterMarked approved when connected to the Hydrawise web-based system.


· Touchscreen Interface: Pro-HC has full graphical touchscreen – easy to program and manually start

 · Predictive WateringTM Adjustments: Daily schedule adjustments (local weather data) monitors past, current and predicted temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed

 · Optional Flow Meter which allows for detection and alerts to monitor the state of the piping system, with automatic alerts when pipe is broken

· The Pro-HC continuously monitors the electrical current flowing to solenoid valves. When too high or low the Hydrawise will send an alert and identify which valve is not working.

· Advanced Sensor Ports: Two general purpose sensor ports which is compatible with Hunter HC flow meters, Hunter Clik and standard rain/soil sensors to stop irrigation. Could also be used as a custom start based on sensor readings.

2 Year Warranty

Product Specification

User Guide

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 6 Station Indoor Controller

$318.09 + GST

1b. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 12 Station Indoor Controller

$386.35 + GST

2a. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 6 Station Outdoor Controller

$323.83 + GST

2b. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 12 Station Outdoor Controller

$417.27 + GST

2b. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 24 Station Indoor Controller

$717.00 + GST

2b. Controller Hydrawise Pro HC 24 Station Outdoor Controller

$740.00 + GST

4a. Hydrawise Flow Meter 20mm BSP

$174.38 + GST

4b. Hydrawise Flow Meter 25mm BSP

$198.28 + GST

4c. Hydrawise Flow Meter 40mm BSP

$397.57 + GST

4d. Hydrawise Flow Meter 50mm BSP

$527.10 + GST