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Hunter PRO-C Hydrawise

The Pro-C Hydrawise™ is a next generation Wi-Fi-based controller with modular functionality. Among the controller's many robust features is Predictive Watering™, which adjusts irrigation schedules based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. A built-in milliamp sensor makes troubleshooting wiring issues easy. By adding a simple-to-install HC Flow Meter, users can receive notifications regarding leaking pipes or broken sprinklers. Users can also manage the controller from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Pro-C Hydrawise is compatible with Roam/Roam XL remotes and EPA WaterSense approved. Hydrawise is also compatible with Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control to start, stop, and suspend irrigation.


  • Wi-fi enabled for easy internet connection from any location
  • Uses Hydrawise web-based software for automatic watering schedule updates
  • Integrates local weather data to make water-saving adjustments
  • Utilises Pro-C modules to create stations 4-16
  • Roam and Roam XL compatible
  • Built in milliamp sensor
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Includes 1.5m lead and plug

Specifications Sheet

User Manual


Item Price Min. QTY  

Hunter Pro C Hydrawise 4 Station Base Controller

$550.00 + GST

Hunter Pro C Hydrawise Retro-fit PANEL ONLY

$280.00 + GST

Hunter Pro C 3 Station Expansion Module

$27.77 + GST

Hunter Pro C 9 Station Expansion Module

$178.67 + GST