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Used by millions worldwide the MTK are known for their high technical standard and high-quality workmanship. The MTKD is equipped with the new ZENNER D-register. MTKD is available in two versions: MTKD-N with 7-digit rollers and magnet pointer for pulse output (reed SOLD SEPARATELY).

MTKD-M with 8-digit rollers register and modulator disc for non-reactivescanning for radio (wireless M-Bus), M-Bus or pulse.

Performance characteristics in overview:

-High-quality UV-resistant plastic inspection window

-Dry dial register with shielded magnetic coupling

-Rotatable and individually inscribable lid ring

-Operating temperature up to 30°C, optional up to 50°C

-Operating pressure PN 16

-Watermeter for horizontal and vertical installation

-Register available as copper can version (IP 68)

-Version MTKD-N with pulse output (reed) for remote readout

-Optional pulsed water meters available in 100 l/pulse, 10 l/pulse, and 1 l/pulse(15mm only) on request. 

-Version MTKD-M with modulator disc

Zenner Threaded Water Meter

Zenner Flanged Water Meter

Installation Guide

Certificate of Accuracy

Item Price Min. QTY  

MTKD-N Water Meter 20mm (3/4")

$144.56 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter 25mm (1")

$182.22 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter 32mm (1 1/4")

$238.44 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter 40mm (1 1/2")

$334.29 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter 50mm (2")

$388.14 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter Flanged 80mm (3")

$566.74 + GST

MTKD-N Water Meter Flanged 100mm (4")

$687.52 + GST