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Rubber Grommets

Used with Take-Off Adaptor to join LD Poly Pipe into Rural or Metric Poly Pipe (supply line to sprinkler line)

Easy to Install 

Pressure Rating: up to 300Kpa

Landscape, Horticultural, Agricultural and Vineyard applications

Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

13mm Rubber Grommet

$0.38 + GST

16mm Rubber Grommet

$0.51 + GST

19mm Rubber Grommet

$0.55 + GST

Micro Take Off Adaptor 13mm

$0.63 + GST

Micro Take Off Adaptor 16mm

$0.81 + GST

Micro Take Off Adaptor 19mm

$0.84 + GST