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Hand Sprays and Hose Nozzles

Our selection of hand sprays and hose nozzles provide the opportunity to choose from a high quality range of spray or hose nozzles to help you meet the requirements of your hand watering needs.

adjustable-spray-nozzle Handy-handspray-POPE
Soft-grip-handspray Deluxe-handspray Premium-handspray
POPE-Handy-Watering-kit Brass-hand-spray Brass-nozzle

All nozzles and sprays are compliant with Australian standards.

Item Price Min. QTY  

1. Plastic ORBIT Adjustable Nozzle

$2.50 + GST

2. Plastic POPE Adjustable Nozzle 12mm

$4.52 + GST

3. Plastic POPE Handy Trigger Spray Gun

$8.13 + GST

4. Rubber Grip POPE Soft Grip Hand Spray

$13.35 + GST

5. Metal adaptor POPE Deluxe Hand Spray

$18.45 + GST

6. Metal construction POPE Premium Hand Spray

$19.60 + GST

7. Plastic POPE Watering Gun Set

$17.10 + GST

8. Brass POPE Hand Gun

$25.90 + GST

9. Brass POPE Power Nozzle

$11.66 + GST