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Hand Sprays and Hose Nozzles

Our selection of hand sprays and hose nozzles provide the opportunity to choose from a high quality range of spray or hose nozzles to help you meet the requirements of your hand watering needs.

All nozzles and sprays are compliant with Australian standards.

Item Price Min. QTY  

1. Plastic ORBIT Adjustable Nozzle

$2.50 + GST

2. Plastic POPE Adjustable Nozzle 12mm

$4.52 + GST

3. Plastic POPE Handy Trigger Spray Gun

$8.13 + GST

4. Rubber Grip POPE Soft Grip Hand Spray

$13.35 + GST

5. Metal adaptor POPE Deluxe Hand Spray

$18.45 + GST

6. Metal construction POPE Premium Hand Spray

$19.60 + GST

7. Plastic POPE Watering Gun Set

$17.10 + GST

8. Brass POPE Hand Gun

$25.90 + GST

9. Brass POPE Power Nozzle

$11.66 + GST