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Misting systems are commonly used to make a surrounding environment feel cooler and generally more pleasant. Our Outdoor Mist Kool kit comes equipped with 3m of pre assembled flexible misting line that is ready to use and is attachable to any standard garden hose. From there you can purchase an Outdoor Misting Extension Kit that will add a further 3m of cooling with the main kit allowing up to 4 extensions. All tubing is UV resistant.

For maintaining your misters and promoting long life, our Outdoor Misting Nozzle Cleaner allows for the cleaning of nozzles gently, removing mineral deposits that could otherwise hinder their function. This is an easy to use cleaner that is safe on brass, stainless steel and plastic.

Product Specification

Used with Misting Tap Timer

Item Price Min. QTY  

Outdoor Mist Kool Kit

$33.83 + GST

Outdoor Mist Kool Kit Extension

$26.71 + GST

Outdoor Misting Nozzle Cleaner 237mL

$8.25 + GST