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Grundfos Fire Fighting Pumps

Grundfos_FireWarrior_15.250_Petrol Grundfos_FireWarrior_15.600_Petrol Grundfos_FireWarrior_55.200_Petrol Grundfos_FireWarrior_55.200_Diesel
A. 15/250 Petrol B. 15/600 Petrol C. 55/200 Petrol D. 55/200 Diesel

The Grundfos Fire Warrior range of centrifugal pumps are engine driven, self-priming and available in Australin Honda Engine or Lister Diesel Engine. These reliable, robust pumps are suitable for many scenarios - firefighting, irrigation, boom spraying and tank filling.

Fire Warrior - Product Specifications


• Self-priming
• Ideal for transferring water from above or below ground water sources.
• Roll cage
• Complete with roll cage as standard, allowing for easy
• Quick release system
• Hose kit option
• 2 x 6 m (¾”) hoses with fire spray nozzles
• 1 x 4 m (1½”) grey suction hose with strainer


• Wet end materials
• Aluminium suction cover, diffuser, impeller, casing and 3 way discharge
• Stainless steel casing bolts
• Carbon / ceramic mechanical seal

Honda Petrol Engine

• Genuine quality Honda Australia engine
• Oil Alert System to prevent engine damage caused by
insufficient oil in the crankcase
• Built to Australian emission specifications

Lister Diesel Engine

• Robust Australian Lister engine
• Electric start for an easy start up
• Variable speed to help save energy consumption
• Designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures
up to 40°C - ideal for the harsh Australian climate
• 100 hour service intervals for low maintenance

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Grundfos BASICLINE Fire Warrior 15/250 Petrol Pump

$954.82 + GST

B. Grundfos BASICLINE Fire Warrior 15/600 Petrol Pump

$887.40 + GST

C. Grundfos BASICLINE Fire Warrior 55/200 Petrol Pump

$805.91 + GST

D. Grundfos BASICLINE Fire Warrior 55/200 Diesel Pump

$2,857.56 + GST