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Dynaflo 6210/BoreMaster 60061R

DynaFlo 62203 Transfer Pump

Davey Dynaflo Transfer Pumps

Centrifugal pumps designed for total heads to 31.6m and a flow to 315 litres per minute. Davey's IP56-TEFC motor used in these pumps are corrosion resistant and protects against vermin, dust and water. These motors are designed for frequent stopping and starting in mind. 

Commonly used for water supply, water transfer, tank filling, sprinkler supply and garden reticulation, etc.

Specially designed for Western Australian conditions the Davey Boremaster pump is equal to the Davey Dynaflo in power and performance. With a different impeller, better suited to sandier soils the Boremaster is ready to equip Western Australia's pumping needs. 

Davey Dynaflo 6210 - Product Specification

Davey Boremaster 60061R - Product Specification

Davey Dynaflo 6220-3 - Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

Davey Dynaflo 6220-3 Cast Iron Casing (360 LPM Max Flow, 2.2kW, 3 Phase)

$844.75 + GST
In-Store Only

Davey Dynaflo/Davey BoreMaster 60061R (315 LPM Max Flow, 330 kPa Max)

$567.00 + GST
In-Store Only