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Davey ProMaster Premium VSD400

The Davey ProMaster Premium VSD400 is a Variable Speed Drive Pool Pump and your one size fits all. With its water cooled design, this innovative pool pump is super quiet (rated to 50dBa) and efficient for all your pool needs all year round. With constant flow and speed compensation, friction loss is overcome as debris builds up in your filter - saving you money on running costs. 


  • Programmable boost cycling for every hour of operation - For running the pump at full speed (Boost) for a pre-determined time of operation, improving surface skimming for a cleaner pool and ideal for in-floor and pop up cleaning systems 
  • Powerful Variable Speed Control – The ProMaster offers total control over the operation speed of the pump from 1,500rpm to 3,600rpm
  • Prime Loss protection to protect the pump when no water is reaching the pump
  • Quick draining casing plug for ease of maintenance and removal
  • Water circuit double insulated with Equipotential Bonding Point
  • User-friendly speed dial with LED indicator lights for warnings and operating conditions
  • Weatherproof RJ45 communication port - used for speed adjustment via connection to an external pool controller, gas heater or heat pump
  • Large 4.5 litre leaf basket for less frequent maintenance
  • Backwash speed cycling technology - efficient cleaning and reducing waste water
  • Double insulated water circuit – Provided with an Equipotential Bonding Point for AS/NZ 3000 wiring standards. This means low speeds equal less energy required for the same amount of pool water.  


  • Pool water filtration
  • In-floor pool cleaning systems
  • External connections for gas heaters, controllers and heat pumps
  • Suits a large variety of pools from 10,000 to 140,000 litres

 Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

Davey ProMaster Premium VSD400 (Range 146 LPM - 380 LPM)

$1,181.82 + GST
In-Store Only