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Davey Pressure Tanks

Davey pressure tanks also known as "supercell steel tanks" are steel shell tanks designed to deal with a range of pressures and capacities based on their model.

All Davey 1000 kPa pressure tanks feature FDA approved captive diaphragms with virgin polypropylene wetted area liners and patented stainless steel water inlets.

The 1000 kPa 200L tank features a patented controlled action diaphragm in order to prive separation between the diaphragm and the tank walls, extending the service life of the tank.

All tanks have a high quality polyurethane finish over an epoxy undercoat for

Product Specification - 8L -> 100L : 1000kPa

Product Specification - 200L : 1000kPa

Product Specification - 1600kPa & 2000 kPa range 

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Davey Pressure Tank 8L - 1000 kPa, Pipe Mounted

$67.20 + GST

1b. Davey Pressure Tank 18L - 1000 kPa, Pipe Mounted

$88.20 + GST

1c. Davey Pressure Tank 40L - 1000 kPa, Pipe Mounted

$231.00 + GST

1d. Davey Pressure Tank 60L - 1000 kPa, Free Standing

$260.40 + GST

1e. Davey Pressure Tank 100L - 1000 kPa, Free Standing

$331.80 + GST

1f. Davey Pressure Tank 200L - 1000 kPa, Free Standing

$655.20 + GST

2a. Davey Pressure Tank 18L - 1600 kPa, Pipe Mounted

$218.40 + GST

2b. Davey Pressure Tank 80L - 1600 kPa, Free Standing

$718.20 + GST

3a. Davey Pressure Tank 24L - 2500 kPa, Pipe Mounted

$344.40 + GST

3b. Davey Pressure Tank 100L - 2500 kPa, Free Standing

$1,075.20 + GST