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Utilities Drilling Aids

Extensive range of quality Chemicals, Cleaning Products and Screens for Bore Hole Drilling and Maintenance

Boresaver Ultra C Brochure

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Air Safety Valve 25mm

$25.00 + GST

B. Bore Saver Ultra C, Bore Cleaner, 10kg Bucket

$166.88 + GST

C. Caustic Soda Micropearls 20L

$80.00 + GST

D. Dense Soda Ash 25kg

$40.00 + GST

E. Gravel Pack 25kg, 1.6-3.2mm

$11.50 + GST

F. Johnson Slotted Screen 90mm, 1.1 Metre (0.03mm)

$138.00 + GST

G. Keme Superfoam Exp 20L

$80.00 + GST

H. Keme Superfoam Rig Wash 20L

$80.00 + GST

I. Matex Torqueless

$70.00 + GST

J. Quik Gel Gold 50lb

$24.20 + GST

K. Rax T-Lube 11.3Kg

$70.00 + GST

L. Rock Drill Oil 20L

$100.00 + GST