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SFDP1-050-070-51X (12V DC, max draw 17A)
SFDP2-050-070-51X (24V DC, max draw 9A)
18.9L/m flow rate, 70 PSI shutoff, 1/2" MNPT outlet and inlet (compatible with 1/2" BSP)

This is the same pump featured in the Extreme Washdown Kit 5.0GPM. It is an ideal pump for washdown purposes and can be used as a replacement for the Extreme Washdown Kit, as an upgrade for existing washdown systems, as a component in a custom washdown system, and other OEM applications. Thanks to its five-chamber diaphragm it is capable of high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling. It is self-priming and can run dry without damage. Its in-built pressure switch detects when the spray gun/faucet is open and closed, automatically starting and stopping the pump.

Features and benefits

  • Can be used with fresh and saltwater.
  • Five-chamber diaphragm provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling.
  • Motor noise is equivalent to a room fan running.
  • Precise pressure control and stable performance.
  • Low starting pressure reduces cycling.
  • Rubber feet for vibration noise reduction.
  • Can supply up to four fixtures (five with reduced flow) in non-washdown applications.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • Washdown pump replacement, custom washdown systems.
  • Marine, Recreational Vehicles
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • General Industrial
  • Filtration
  • Beverage Processing
  • Solar Water Systems
Item Price Min. QTY  

Extreme WPS 5.0GPM 12V 51 Series

$193.71 + GST

Extreme WPS 5.0GPM 24V 51 Series

$193.71 + GST

Pressure (PSI/BAR) Flow (GPM/LPM) Current (Amps)
0/0 4.91/18.60 6
20/1.38 3.75/14.20 9.8
30/2.07 3.43/13 11.17
40/2.72 3.12/11.80 12.4
50/3.45 2.85/10.80 13.5
60/4.14 0/0 14.5