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  Lubricant and Degreaser Sprays

A. Lithium Grease


Lubricates Chains - For Motorcycles, Chainsaws, Cranes, Conveyors, etc.

Industrial & Domestic Use - Lubricates, protects & prevents abrasions, scratches, squeaks & squeals.

Multi-Purpose - Ideal for bearing, rollers, hinges, linkages & springs.

Corrosion Inhibitor - Ideal for outboard motors.

Made in Australia

B. Heavy Duty Degreaser


Heavy Duty Degreaser - Degreases engine & motor parts.

Concrete - Removes oil & other deposits from concrete paths & all other masonry surfaces. 

Agricultural - Tractor & trailer, chainsaws & all tools.

Industrial - Stationary machinery, forklifts & cranes.

Made in Australia

C. Lanolin Lubricating Spray


Anti-corrosive General Lubricant

Natural Substance Derived From Sheeps Wool

Marine, Auto, Household, Transport, Mining, Farming, & Industrial Use

Made in Australia

D. Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner


Ideal For: Relays, printed circuit boards, fuse blocks, electrical controls & computer equipment.

Fast Operating - Safe on most plastics.

Multi-Purpose - Also acts as a degreaser & quick drying cleaner.

Safety - Use on non-energised equipment.

Made in Australia

E. Water Dispersant


Penetrant - Loosens rusted nuts & metal parts.

Lubricant - Eliminates squeaks and loosens hinges & rusted parts. Lubricates & protects moving parts.

Rust preventative - Protects metal implements from corrosion.

Water Dispersant - Displaces moisture & acts fast to start wet engines.

Made in Australia

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Lithium Grease Spray 400g

$6.44 + GST

B. Heavy Duty Degreaser 400g

$5.18 + GST

C. Lanolin Lubricant Spray 400g

$8.33 + GST

D. Contact and Circuit Board Cleaner 350g

$6.72 + GST

E. Water Dispersant Spray 400g

$5.39 + GST