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ING-CO_Digital_Electric_Multimeter_Measuring ING-CO_Digital_Callipers_Measuring ING-CO_Tape Measure_5m_Steel_Measuring FORGE_Tape_Measure_8m
  ALLOSUN_Humidity_Alarm F_Moisture_Meter_Photo  

Measuring Tools

 Multimeters, Moisture Meters, Thermo-hygrometers, Callipers and Tape Measures. These tools are essential in getting the specs you need for the job.

  • A. ING-CO Digital Electric Multimeter; Non-contact voltage detection, Rotary switch, LCD Screen, Flash Light, Input Socket Instructions, Includes 1 set of Test Leads (DM7502)
  • B. ING-CO Digital Calliper; Range 0-150mm, Reading 0.01mm, Metric/Inch system conversion at any position, Stainless Steel, LCD screen, Battery LR44 (HDCD01150)
  • C. ING-CO Tape Measure Steel 5m x 25mm; (HSMT0805.1)
  • D. FORGE Tape Measure 8m x 32mm; Nylon coated blade 0.12mm thick (TLT0298)
  • E. ALLOSUN Humidity Alarm; Multi-functional thermo-hygrometer, Temperature, Relative humidity & Dew point measurements (ETP110) 
  • F. 3-in-1 Digital 2 Pin Wood Building Hard Material Moisture Meter; Probe cover, LCD display, Temperature °C / °F (DM1100)
Item Price Min. QTY  

A. ING-CO Tools Digital Multimeter

$65.99 + GST

B. ING-CO Tools Digital Calliper 150mm

$47.52 + GST

C. ING-CO Tools Tape Measure Steel 5m x 25mm

$5.62 + GST

D. FORGE Tools Tape Measure 8m x 32mm

$17.33 + GST

E. ALLOSUN Tools Humidity Alarm; Multi-functional Thermo-hygrometer

$40.75 + GST

F. Tools 3-in-1 Digital 2 Pin Wood/Building Moisture Meter

$38.70 + GST