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Eclipse_Wire_Rope_Cutter ING-CO_Cable_Cutter Cable_Cutter Repelec_Wire_Cutter_Parrot_Beak ING-CO_Wire_Stripper

Wire / Cable Cutters and Strippers

High quality, heavy duty cutters to eliminate frayed ends. Designed for cutting specific wire and cables to suit a range of projects.

  • A. ECLIPSE Wire Rope Cutter; 200mm (8"). Recommended capacity: Mild steel strands/Electric cable (6.5mm), High tensile steel rope/Soft steel wire/Copper & aluminium rod (5mm), Steel rod (4mm), Spring wire (2.5mm). (EWC8)
  • BING-CO Heavy Duty Cable Cutter; 250mm (10"). (HHCCB0210)
  • CHANGLONG Wire Cutter; Parrot Beak 70mm.
  • DREPELEC (AUST) Wire Cutter; Parrot Beak 60mm, Heavy Duty.
  • E. ING-CO Wire Stripper; 0.5-6mm. (HWSP15608)
Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Tools ECLIPSE Wire Rope Cutter (Spear and Jackson)

$31.71 + GST

B. Tools ING-CO Cable Cutters 250mm

$8.75 + GST

C. Tools HANLONG Wire Cutter Parrot Beak 70 mm

$15.96 + GST

D. Tools REPELEC (AUST) Wire Cutter Heavy Duty Parrot Beak 60mm

$45.11 + GST

E. Tools ING-CO Wire Stripper 0.5-6mm

$13.37 + GST