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Rain Bird® HE-VAN Nozzles

Rain Bird High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles (HE-VAN) offer even coverage with close watering spray, preventing dry spots underneath the spray head. High efficiency allows for shorter run times saving you 35% more water, money and time.

Fully adjustable from 0°-360° with a simple twist arc setting.

The Rain Bird HE-VAN nozzles offer matched precipitation rates, allowing HE-VAN, MPR and U-Series nozzles to be on the same zone.

Compatible with all 1800 & UNI-Spray Series Spray Heads and Rain Bird Shrub Adapters


Operating Ranges (at designed nozzle pressure):

HE-VAN 8' Green: 6 to 8 feet (1.8m to 2.4m)

HE-VAN 10' Blue: 8 to 10 feet (2.4m to 3.0m) 

HE-VAN 12' Brown: 10 to 12 feet (3.0m to 3.7m) 

HE-VAN 15' Black: 12 to 15 feet (3.7m to 4.6m)  

Product Specification

Product Brochure

Item Price Min. QTY  

Nozzle Rain Bird HE-VAN 8' Green (6'-8') 1.8M-2.4M, 0-360

$2.43 + GST

Nozzle Rain Bird HE-VAN 10' Blue (8'-10') 2.4M-3.0M, 0-360

$2.43 + GST

Nozzle Rain Bird HE-VAN 12' Brown (10'-12') 3.0M-3.6M, 0-360

$2.43 + GST

Nozzle Rain Bird HE-VAN 15' Black (12'-15') 3.6M-4.6M, 0-360

$2.43 + GST