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Poly Water Tanks

Heavy Duty Polyethylene Rural Water Tanks  - From 4500 Litres to 27500 Litres

Polyethylene Urban Water Tanks -  From 720L to 3000L

Delivery $88 for Urban Tanks

Free Rural Tank Delivery within 700km 

Urban Tanks

Rural Tanks Installation

Tank Colour Range

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Poly Tank Round Courtyard 720L

$420.00 + GST

B. Poly Tank Round Suburban 2500L

$700.00 + GST

C. Poly Tank Slimline 1,500L

$680.00 + GST

D. Poly Tank Slimline Space Saver 2,500L

$1,050.00 + GST

E. Poly Tank Slimline Terrace 3,000L

$1,200.00 + GST

F. Poly Tank Round Rural 4,500L

$900.00 + GST

G. Poly Tank Round Rural 9,000L

$1,500.00 + GST

H. Poly Tank Round Rural 14,000L

$1,900.00 + GST

I. Poly Tank Round Rural 23,000L

$2,590.00 + GST

J. Poly Tank Round Rural 25,000L

$2,760.00 + GST

K. Poly Tank Round Rural 27,500L

$3,090.00 + GST


All Rural Tanks come with a brass outlet and gate valve up to 50mm, 90mm outflow, leaf strainer or screw top lid and a 20 year written guarantee.

Urban Tanks include a lockable 19mm outlet tap, mosquito proof overflow 50mm (for 720L and 1500L Tanks), mosquito proof overflow 90mm (for 2500L and 3000L tanks), 19mm drain bung and a leaf strainer.

Tanks are made to order and are available in most of the above colours. Just specify your required colour and outlet positions in the comments box of our online ordering system. We will be in touch to discuss lead time, truck access and delivery details.