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  • Manifold fittings provide easy installation and quick dissassemly for maintenance of irrigation valves. The swivel fitting with pre-installed o-ring means no thread tape and no tools required - hand tighten only.
  • Made with reliability, long life and durability in mind.

  • Product Specifications - 3 and 4 Port Manifolds
Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. PVC 25mm Manifold 2 Port

$9.00 + GST

1b. PVC 25mm Manifold 3 Port

$13.00 + GST

1c. PVC 25mm Manifold 4 Port

$17.50 + GST

2a. PVC 25mm Manifold Cross Swivel x Swivel x Swivel x Swivel

$6.43 + GST

3a. PVC 25mm Manifold Cap FBSP

$1.18 + GST

4a. PVC 25mm Manifold Coupling Swivel x Swivel

$4.45 + GST

5a. PVC 25mm Manifold Elbow Swivel x Swivel

$4.45 + GST

5b. PVC 25mm Manifold Elbow MBSP x Swivel

$4.45 + GST

6a. PVC 25mm Manifold Tee Swivel x MBSP x Swivel

$3.75 + GST

7a. PVC 25mm Manifold Nipple

$1.96 + GST

8a. Poly 25mm Manifold 3 Port

$9.23 + GST

8b. Poly 25mm Manifold 4 Port

$12.30 + GST