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Hunter HC Hydrawise

The Hunter HC Hydrawise controller is one of the most powerful and effective wi-fi controllers currently available on the market. This is a fully functioning controller with wi-fi capabilities and a fully operational, simple to use menu-driven touch screen. This controller also has a partnering app that can be downloaded both on Apple iStore or the Google Play Store free of charge for use with your controller allowing you to monitor your irrigation from anywhere in the world. The Hunter HC Hydrawise will monitor soleoid valves for high and low current allowing it to detect and report to you failed valves, saving water and money. 

This controller allows up to 36 programs, each with 6 start times and will use smart predictive watering adjustments based on freely available local weather data. This ensures your irrigation needs will always be met. The Hunter HC Hydrawise is compatible with the Hunter "Clik" range of weather sensors as well as flow meters. This controller has two sensor ports.

Product Specification

User Guide

Made in the USA

2 Year Warranty

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Controller Hydrawise 6 Station Indoor Controller

$278.00 + GST

1b. Controller Hydrawise 12 Station Indoor Controller

$323.83 + GST

2a. Controller Hydrawise 6 Station Outdoor Controller

$377.64 + GST

2b. Controller Hydrawise 12 Station Outdoor Controller

$423.48 + GST

3a. Controller Hydrawise 12 Station Expansion Module

$174.38 + GST

4a. Hydrawise Flow Meter 20mm BSP

$174.38 + GST

4b. Hydrawise Flow Meter 25mm BSP

$198.28 + GST