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Davey Diesel Pump with deluxe frame


Davey Diesel Operated FireFighter Pump

Davey Diesel operaated firefighters pumps utilise high quality Yanmar engines that come with a 1 year warranty.

These pumps are available in twin and single stage varieties all pumps other than the 5110YE feature a clamped impellar design to enable a longer impellar life, improved performance and an easier dissasembly when blockages have occurred. The 5510YE features heavy duty sand cast impellars. The 5248Y also features a patented impellar insert that can provide high performance at 3600 RPM, operating over the full pump efficiency range without overloading the engine.

All pumps other than the 5248Y come with the deluxe frame as seen in the picture to the left. All pumps except the 5248Y are self priming up to 5m at 3000rpm whereas the 5248Y is 7m at 3600rpm.

Electric start models come equipped with an electric starter and a recoil started to ensure that even if the battery is flat or removed there is still a method of starting these pumps in the case of an emergency.

Viton seal kits and oring kits are available for herbicide/insecticide spraying.

5248Y - Product Specification

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Davey 5248Y

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