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Garden Hose

Our top quality garden hoses manufactured by pope all feature first class UV treatment, Perma Fit Soft Grip hose fittings (TricoFlex features standard Perma Fit hose fittings), tap readiness to ensure usability upon purchase and reinforced braiding. All hoses are available in 15 metre lengths.

Our hoses are kink resistant to varying degrees with TricoFlex hose having the least resistance whilst Superflex hose has the most resistance. All of our Pope hoses also feature a warranty.

Product Specification 

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Hose Spectrum Tap Ready 12mm x 15m

$30.69 + GST

1b. Hose Spectrum Tap Ready 18mm x 15 metres

$48.96 + GST

2a. Hose Superflex Tap Ready 12mm x 15m

$51.80 + GST

3a. Hose Tricoflex Tap Ready 12mm x 15m

$24.44 + GST

3b. Hose Tricoflex Tap Ready 12mm x 30m

$44.29 + GST