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LD Micro Rotor Spray

LD micro rotor sprays have a high degree of uniformity in their water distrubution due to their 'C' frame design

All micro rotor sprays are threaded so that they can be installed into rigid risers and 1/2" micro threaded adaptors

LD micro rotor sprays are UV stabilised for a long work life

Adjustable sprays to alter flow and coverage

Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Micro Rotor Spray 1.0mm Blue base

$1.04 + GST

B. Micro Rotor Spray 1.8mm Orange base

$1.04 + GST

C. Micro Rotor Spray 1.5mm Red base

$1.04 + GST

D. Micro Rotor Spray 2.0mm Grey base

$1.04 + GST

E. Micro Rotor Spray 0.9mm Brown base

$1.04 + GST

F. Micro Rotor Spray 1.3mm Green base

$1.04 + GST

G. Micro Rotor Spray ADJ 1.5mm Black base with 4mm shut-off valve

$2.03 + GST

H. Micro Spray Vari-Rotor Yellow Base

$1.49 + GST

I. Micro Spray Vari-Rotor Black Base

$1.49 + GST