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LD Poly Micro Double Barbed Fittings

LD poly micro double barbed fittings are ideally used for low pressure poly tubing to create long-term, reliable connections. Double barbed fittings afford the convenience of not requiring a clamp to install when matched with a quality LD poly pipe. These fittings are commonly used in a low pressure micro irrigation system

Features of this product are heat, chemical and water resistance, UV stabilised materials, sharp barb edes to create a leak proof seal and a double barb for increased retention

Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

Micro Elbow Double Barb 13mm

$0.28 + GST

Micro End Plug Double Barb 13mm

$0.25 + GST

Micro Joiner Double Barb 13mm

$0.21 + GST

Micro Tee Double Barb 13mm

$0.36 + GST