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Grundfos Submersible AP 12 Single Stage


Grundfos Submersible AP 12 Single Stage

The Grundfos Unilift AP 12 Sumersible Pumps are suited for temporary and permanent installations. While being single-stage pumps they are also available in different phases and power supply. Either Single phase in 50Hz or Three phase in 60Hz power supply. All Unilift AP pumps are equipped with a plug to connect to mains power. With a semi-open impeller the Unilift AP 12 also allows you the option of a float switch. Whether it is for automatic or manual operation, choose the float switch supply you desire. 3-phase versions include a starter box connected to the float switch while single-phase versions have an inbuilt thermal switch. Mostly made of stainless steel, the pump also contains a stainless steel sleeve designed for cooling when in use.

Outlet connection is located at the top of the pump. Reliable and simple to install – let the Grundfos Unilift AP 12 Sumbersible pump assist you in your next project.


  • Horticulture
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Rainwater, Drainwater and Groundwater/Flooding
  • Pool water
  • Sewer
  • Domestic/light industry
Grundfos Submersible AP 12 - Product Specification


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