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Polymer Concrete Pit

(Type 66 and 99)

Polymer Concrete Lid


Checker Plate Lid

Stainless Steel

Checker Plate Lid

Polymer Concret Pits

Commonly used as enclosures for electrical and communication equipment, polymer concrete pits have excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and zero water absorbtion. Pit bodies are constructed with 100% non-metallic materials and all steel lids are occupational health and safety friendly with total mass not exceeding 25kg. 

Commonly a pit will be used in locations such as carparks, streetscapes, industrial sites and airports. It is for this reason that recessed lids allow for tiles and other materials to be inserted creating a more attractive environment and being minimally visually distracting.

All access covers have IP4X (AS 60529) protection against ingress of foreign objects and all Rhinocast covers offer water and gas tightness to AS 3996.

Pits come in two types: type 66 and type 99, all accessories listed as type 66 or type 99 will fit their respective pit type.

Slip Resistant Rating R10

Complies with AS/ NZ 4586

Type 66 - Product Specification 

Type 99 - Product Specficication

Urbanfil - Product Specification

Rhinocast - Product Specification

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