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Valve Boxes

Valve boxes are commonly used as covers for solenoid valves and other items

A valve box provides a cover for ground level items

Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Dura Round Heavy Duty Valve Box (250mm T x 325mm B x 260 mm D)

$19.91 + GST

B. 6" Round Light Duty Valve Box

$5.10 + GST

C. 4" Round Light Duty Valve Box

$3.30 + GST

D. Valve Box Domestic LD Square (215mm L x 215mm W x 260mm H)

$15.45 + GST

E. Square Valve Box (150mm L x 150mm W x 210mm D)

$6.40 + GST

F. Valve Box LD Square (150mm L x 150mm W x 155mm H)

$4.95 + GST

G. Valve Box Rectangular HD (500mm L x 305mm W x 150 mm D)

$36.11 + GST

H. Valve Box Rectangular Half Height (347mm L x 486mm W x 171mm D)

$17.88 + GST

I. Rectangular H/Duty Jumbo Valve Box (660mm L x 410mm W x 400mm D)

$177.63 + GST

J. Valve Box Rectangular HD X-Large (575mm L x 425mm W x 300mm D)

$77.50 + GST

K. Rectangular Heavy Duty Valve Box (430mm L x 300mm W x 330 mm D)

$34.09 + GST