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$15.00 + GST

Aluminium Electrical Earth Rod Enclosure. 130mm x 70mm High

$9.00 + GST

Connection Kit 2" Male BSP (4 left)

$7.70 + GST

Dy-Mark Marking Spray Paint Yellow 350g

$495.00 + GST

I42. Slim Line Tower Dual Water Tank - 1000L. 2 x 500L water tower tanks joined.Will fit through a standard doorway, 90mm inlet on each side. 50mm BSPF outlet on both sides. Slimline design - will fit snug up against a house.

$390.00 + GST

I45. Stand Alone Pump Kit. Pump cover with base in smooth cream *Grundfos X pump and Control - Type JP Rain 2MP *Float Switch 10M *Loose Nut Union *Automated change-over unit for water supply between tank-water and mains services.

$85.00 + GST

I47. Switching Mode Power Supply, DRS-6000-24. Din Rail Mount. 240V - 24 VDC, 2.5 Amp

$58.00 + GST

I48. Switching Power Supply, with Din Rail Mount, 240V to 24VDC 2.5Amp, Adjustable

$475.00 + GST

Metal Enclosure, Pilbarra Heavy Duty. Fitted with Din Rail and Vandal Proof Lockable Handle. 500mm Wide x 1000mm High x 320mm Deep

$95.00 + GST

Mod Box IP66 Opaque 360H x 300W x180D Equiped with Buzz Bars

$19.58 + GST

Sealant Ultra Seal Christy's Pipe Thread Sealant, 237 mL (contains Teflon)

$85.00 + GST

Single Phase Power Metre, Landis Gyr CM100. 15-100A

$11.35 + GST

Storage Bin Blue Heavy Duty 150 W x 230 D x 125 H

$21.85 + GST

Storage Bin Blue Heavy Duty 205 W x 345 D x 155 H

$7.15 + GST

Storage Bin Blue Heavy Duty100 W x 165 D x 70 H

$1.20 + GST

Wire Flat TPS 2 Core and Earth 2.5 mm 7/0.67 White Sheath - Per Metre Length