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Products on Special in Electrical Clearance

$10.00 + GST

Box #40 - End of contract clearance. Patch leads etc.

$78.00 + GST

I08. Aluminium Enclosure. Special application, Heavy Duty with Threaded Lid and Rubber Seals. 11/4" Entries

$68.73 + GST

I09. Automated change-over for water supply between rainwater and mains services. 12 Volt Float System

$20.00 + GST

I12. Clipsal Surface Mounted Moulded Enclosure - 6 Module. To suit Din Rail Mounted Equipment

$70.00 + GST

I13. ELPRO Battery Backup Module BU-5

$190.00 + GST

I14. ELPRO Multi-channel wireless transmitter

$100.00 + GST

I15. ELPRO Wireless Transmitter 905U-K

$24.60 + GST

I16. Exterior Isolation Switch, 3 phase, 3 pole, 33Amp

$22.00 + GST

I24. Hager Lockable 4 Pole Enclosure (IP30). Suits din rail mounted equipment

$230.00 + GST

I26. Lift Control Box with Transformer, LG60 PLC, Isolation Switch and DC Motor Controller. Complete with mounting bracket assembly. 600mm Wide x 400mm High x 200mm Deep

$190.00 + GST

I28. Metal Enclosure - Textured grey. Complete with mounting bracket assembly. Pre-wired for typical control applications. 600mm Wide x 400mm High x 200mm Deep

$109.00 + GST

I41. SLA Sylbrite Floodlight. Metal Halide, 240V 400W. (2 Left in stock)

$9.90 + GST

I46. Sunon 24VDC Square Cooling Fan 120mm x 120mm x 25mm KDE2412PTB2-6A, 4.1W

$85.00 + GST

I47. Switching Mode Power Supply, DRS-6000-24. Din Rail Mount. 240V - 24 VDC, 2.5 Amp

$58.00 + GST

I48. Switching Power Supply, with Din Rail Mount, 240V to 24VDC 2.5Amp, Adjustable