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$83.95 + GST

Electra Cable, Complies with AS/NZS 1125Flat TPS 2 Core and Earth 2.5mm 7/0.67 White Sheath x 100 metreCan be used for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Easy to tear sheath for general wiring closed buried direct or in underground.

$78.00 + GST

I08. Aluminium Enclosure. Special application, Heavy Duty with Threaded Lid and Rubber Seals. 11/4" Entries

$68.73 + GST

I09. Automated change-over for water supply between rainwater and mains services. 12 Volt Float System

$24.60 + GST

I16. Exterior Isolation Switch, 3 phase, 3 pole, 33Amp

$1.20 + GST

Wire Flat TPS 2 Core and Earth 2.5 mm 7/0.67 White Sheath - Per Metre Length