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Brass_Elbow_90degree_1 Brass_Elbow_Capillary

1. Brass Elbow 90° Threaded BSPF

High quality, heavy duty brass fitting. Has Female/Female British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads. Common use for water application used in general, irrigation and rural services, compressed air pipes and fuel and gas lines utilities.

 2. Brass Lugged Elbow 90° Capillary x BSPF

 A Capillary fitting has a socket-type end so that when the fitting is soldered to a pipe end, the solder flows by capillarity along the annular space between the pipe exterior and the socket within it, forming a tight fit.

  • 12 month warranty
Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Brass Elbow 90˚ Threaded BSPF 20mm (3/4")

$3.85 + GST

1b. Brass Elbow 90˚ Threaded BSPF 25mm (1")

$5.89 + GST

1c. Brass Elbow 90˚ Threaded BSPF 32mm (1 1/4")

$11.93 + GST

1d. Brass Elbow 90˚ Threaded BSPF 40mm (1 1/2")

$17.42 + GST

1e. Brass Elbow 90˚ Threaded BSPF 50mm (2")

$26.41 + GST

2. Brass Elbow Capillary Wall Plate Cap FI 20mm OD x 1/2" BSP

$3.70 + GST