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A liner is commonly used as either a silt pit or as a flow control pit. The purpose of a silt pit is to capture any silt or solids present in stormwater before it passes into a drainage system. A flow control pit only allows a small constant flow of stormwater to be released into a drainage system at a time. Made with concrete that has been tested to ensure product quality by licensed testers, this product satisfies Australian Standard 1012. All liners have been reinforced using 4 mm steel mesh cages in accordance with AS/NZ 4671, and are made by hand in Western Australia.

Product Specifications

Item Price Min. QTY  

1a. Concrete Liner 900mm (ID) x 600mm (H), 381 L, 230kg

$71.50 + GST

1b. Concrete Liner 900mm (ID) x 900mm (H), 572 L, 350kg

$77.00 + GST

1c. Concrete Liner 900mm (ID) x 1200mm (H), 763 L, 475kg

$115.00 + GST

2b. Concrete Liner 1090mm (ID) x 900mm (H), 839 L, 428kg

$121.00 + GST

2c. Concrete Liner 1090mm (ID) x 1200mm (H), 1120 L, 570kg

$137.50 + GST

3a. Concrete Liner 1200mm (ID) x 600mm (H), 678 L, 433kg

$119.00 + GST

3b. Concrete Liner 1200mm (ID) x 900mm (H), 1017 L, 649kg

$167.20 + GST

3c. Concrete Liner 1200mm (ID) x 1200mm (H), 1357 L, 866kg

$186.00 + GST

3d. Concrete Liner 1200mm (ID) x 1500mm (H), 1697 L, 1082kg

$220.00 + GST

4a. Concrete Liner 1500mm (ID) x 600mm (H), 1060 L, 535kg

$154.00 + GST

4b. Concrete Liner 1500mm (ID) x 900mm (H), 1590 L, 802kg

$209.00 + GST

4c. Concrete Liner 1500mm (ID) x 1200mm (H), 2120 L, 1070kg

$218.00 + GST

4d. Concrete Liner 1500mm (ID) x 1500mm (H), 2650 L, 1340kg

$253.00 + GST

5a. Concrete Liner 1800mm (ID) x 600mm (H), 1526 L, 725kg

$194.00 + GST

5b. Concrete Liner 1800mm (ID) x 900mm (H), 2290 L, 1080kg

$203.64 + GST

Concrete products are not kept on site so please be aware there is additional $80.00 delivery costs for picking up any concrete products from us in Welshpool, or we can quote on delivery as far as Mandurah, Yanchep and Mundaring.

Correct lifting jig and procedure must be used for installation and transportation.

Tank Inside Diameter

Tank Outside Diameter