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Hunter ACC2 Controller

The ACC2 has a powerful transformer which allows it to safely run up to 14 valves simultaneously, bringing maximum efficiency to large watering schedules. The ACC2 can be configured for any commercial project, from 12 to 54 stations, with up to 6 flow meter inputs, and up to 6 pump/master valve outputs.

The ACC2 has built-in intelligence, with the ability to maintain preset flows on up to 6 flow
zones simultaneously. It continually monitors the system for breaks, leaks, and electrical
faults, interrupting irrigation and pinpointing the source should problems arise. It can even respond to sensor input with specific actions like switching water supplies when water levels drop, initiating a program when soil moisture is low, and other creative special applications.

The ACC2 offers extreme flexibility with 32 independent programs, 10 start times, and a
variety of overlapping, stacking, and flow management configurations. Innovative
Conditional Response features allow sensor inputs and other conditions to automatically
take pre-programmed actions, such as starting stations and programs, or switching water
sources, for specialty solutions.

Item Price Min. QTY  

Hunter Controller 75 Station Base Model w/Plastic Pedestal

$5,782.91 + GST

Hunter Controller ACC2 12 Station Base w/Metal Cabinet

$1,653.78 + GST

Hunter Controller ACC2 75 Station Base Model w/Metal Cabinet

$2,475.35 + GST

Hunter Controller ACC2 75 Station Base Model w/Stainless Steel Cabinet

$2,949.38 + GST

Hunter Controller ACC2 Expansion Module 75 Station Decoder

$825.83 + GST

Hunter Controller ACC2 WIFI Facepack Module

$353.92 + GST

Featuring:  Documents: 
• Up to 54 Stations Product Brochure 
• Independent programs: 32 Instruction Manual
•  Start times per program: 10 Installation guide
• Station run times: 1 second to 12 hours Programming Instructions
• Type: Modular, expansion modules in 6-station Wifi Installation
• Enclosures: Outdoor, metal, stainless steel and plastic pedestal Pedestal Installation
• Warranty period: 5 year Strong Box Assembly
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