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Pope Tap Timer

The Pope tap timer is an easy to use manual tap timer that does not require the use of batteries. This tap timer provides value for money and ease of use. It features the ability to connect straight to a garden tap, two hours watering time in 5 minute increments, set and forget timer mechanism and a manual override for timer-less waterflow meaning that the tap timer does not need to be removed when watering the garden manually with a hose.

Item Price Min. QTY  

Pope 2 Hour Tap Timer

$21.36 + GST

Pope 6 Hour Tap Timer

$39.45 + GST


2 Hour Tap Timer

-          Connects straight onto garden tap

-          Up to two hours watering time 5-minute increments

-          Set and forget timer mechanism

-          Manual override for timer-less water flow

-          User Manual

6 Hour Tap Timer

-          Ideal for drip irrigation

-          Waters for up to 6 hours in 15minute increments

-          Simple operation

-          No batteries required

-          Manual override for timerless watering

-          Fits ¾” and 1” taps