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Septic Treatment - Insight Environmental - Ecocare Activator

The Ecocare Activator is an Australian made, non-toxic and biodegradable solution which provides your home with genuine total treatment protection as it Cleans, Clears and Conditions, all in one go! 

Ecocare Activator is a scientifically developed blend of natural ingredients, grease dispersants and biological stimulants that kills odours on contact, cuts through grime, breaks down grease and fat, and restores and maintains a healthy bacterial balance in your septic or onsite treatment plant.

Quick, safe and simple to use, Ecocare Activator is supplied as a liquid concentrate. Once poured into the sink, down the toilet or into your drain Ecocare Activator goes to work at once.

As it moves through the pipes it softens and breaks down built-up residues, transforming grease and fat into small globules that can easily be digested by naturally occurring bacteria.

Blockages are removed, the breakdown of waste is accelerated, bad smells disappear, and proper drainage is restored.

Septics - Grease Traps - Wastewater - Household - Portable Toilets - Drains

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Item Price Min. QTY  

Waste Management ECOCARE ACTIVATOR, 2 Litres

$50.00 + GST

Waste Management ECOCARE ACTIVATOR, 5 Litres

$103.64 + GST

Waste Management ECOCARE ACTIVATOR, 10 Litres

$183.64 + GST

Waste Management ECOCARE ACTIVATOR, 20 Litres

$344.55 + GST

Waste Management ECOCARE Enhancer Kit AB

$8.14 + GST

Waste Management ECOCARE Spray Bottle and Cloth

$5.91 + GST