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Vanstone Flange

The vanstone flange will commonly be glued onto the end of pressure pipe to allow a bolt on water system to be attached. The vanstone flange uniquely has a swivel flange allowing it to be rotated once glued making proper alignment of mounting holes with the gasket and / or ridge flange easier to connect

Resistant to chemicals and corrosion, these flanges are constructed from a heavy bodied grey PVC and have a maximum operating pressure of 1033 kPa at 25 degrees celsius.

Table D and ANSI drilling

Product Specification

Item Price Min. QTY  

Vanstone Flange 50mm

$19.35 + GST

Vanstone Flange 80mm

$22.57 + GST

Vanstone Flange 100mm

$29.51 + GST

Vanstone Flange 150mm

$59.64 + GST

Vanstone Flange 200mm

$94.70 + GST

Vanstone Flange 250mm

$126.06 + GST