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LD Micro Downsprays

The Antelco C-Frame Downspray (CFd) is a unique 360 degree spray jet that distributes water evenly over a wetted surface area. The CFd has a 45 degree downspray to reduce the effects of wind with a gentle spray to minimize any damages to delicate plant life and foliage. These sprays have three colour codes to identify their rate of flow and a shut-off clip to quickly halt flow when required.

Common applications for the CFd include nurseries, tree lots, potted plans, home and landscaped gardens.

Product Specification

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Item Price Min. QTY  

A. Micro Spray CFD Blue on stake with tube 45 downspray

$2.97 + GST

B. Micro Spray CFD 1.0mm Blue head only 22 - 42 lph

$0.29 + GST

C. Micro Spray CFD 0.9mm Brown head only 20 - 34 lph

$0.29 + GST

D. Micro Spray CFD 0.8mm Black head only 15 - 20 lph

$0.29 + GST