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Davey Firefighting Self-Priming Pumps

Patented clamped impeller design to enable longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage. 


  • Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life
  • Pump casing, diffusers and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life
  • Choice of 3 or 4 way (dependant upon model chosen) discharge port for easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes
  • Polyester coated pump casing, exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance
  • Patented floating impeller neckrings front and back. The front neckrings help improve pumping efficiency, the back neckrings help extend seal life and dramatically reduce engine wear
  • Self priming from 6m for more versatile installation options.


  • Firefighting
  • Tanker to tanker water transfer
  • High head general water transfer
  • Sheep jetting
  • Irrigation
  • Boom spraying

Davey 5165H Single Stage - Product Specifications

Davey 5265H Twin Impeller - Product Specifications

Item Price Min. QTY  

Davey 5165H Petrol Firefighting Pump - Single Stage, Honda Engine GX200

$1,198.24 + GST

Davey 5265H Petrol Firefighting Pump - Twin Impeller, Honda Engine GX200

$1,309.98 + GST