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SFBP1-800-04 (12V DC, max draw 4A)
61 L/m flow rate, 4m head, 3/4" hose barb outlet

Seaflo livewell/baitwell pumps provide a consistent supply of oxygenated water to keep fish alive and healthy in marine holding tanks. They are designed for use by serious fishers, keeping your bait and catch fresh for longer. Includes all accessories needed to install (including sealing nut and washers).

Features and benefits

  • Cartridge design allows motor and impeller access without replumbing your system.
  • Spring-loaded, one hand push button cartridge removal system.
  • Easy click-in replaceable motor.
  • Run-dry capable for normal workloads.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 43° celsius temperature limit.


  • Fishing (marine holding tanks, baitwell, livewell).
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Seaflo Live Well Pump 800GPH 12V

$42.28 + GST